Insurance Gifts that need insurance coverage in TexasWith holiday season just around the corner, give some thought to things you may need to add to your personal insurance coverage. Whether you know in advance what that might be or receive a gift that’s a surprise, it’s best to be prepared.

Following is a helpful mind-jogger if you’re not sure about coverage for certain items:

  • ATV’s, motorcycles, boats, and RV’s are not covered for damage or liability without an endorsement to your personal insurance
  • An expensive ring, watch, or other item needs to be insured separately for loss and theft.
  • Drones are considered aircraft and there are many new laws that could impact your personal liability. Call your independent agent to review these issues.
  • If you are buying a new car for a family member, you will need to add it to your auto insurance policy.
  • Smart home technology systems may actually help reduce your homeowner’s insurance, especially if the technology includes alarm systems.
  • Guns, art and antiques may also need to be added to your policy if they are valued over a certain amount. Each policy is different, so call your independent insurance agent to be certain.

If you added any other personal items of value you may want to review your personal property limits to make sure you are covered correctly. For most consumers, a home is the largest investment they will ever make. You worked hard for your house, and you should have a comprehensive plan that will give you peace of mind. Your home also has a lot of intrinsic personal value, which is why you need personal insurance protection that works best for you and your family.