Personal Umbrella Insurance Midland, Odesa

Personal Umbrella Insurance

A personal umbrella policy is the ultimate way to protect your assets and your future. In addition to your standard lines of coverage, a personal umbrella provides an extra level of protection.

There are many scenarios that would warrant the need for an umbrella insurance policy. We outline a few of them here.

Example #1: Your teenage daughter is babysitting the neighbor kids and leaves the house for a moment to run to the store. When she returns, one of the children is badly injured and requires surgery. The child’s medical bills exceed $300,000. The parents of the children sue you to cover the medical bills.

Example #2: Your son dislikes his gym class as well as the teacher. He goes on social media and writes some very reproachful comments about the teacher that leave him in a bad light. The teacher sues and is awarded $500,000.

Example #3: Your 17 year old child decides to pick up some friends and go “cruising” in your car. He loses control of the vehicle while showing off how fast the minivan is. Each child is critically injured. Your umbrella policy helps cover the medical bills.

A personal umbrella policy covers you when your auto, home or other personal lines insurance policy is exhausted. A personal umbrella policy is a great way to protect yourself from a lawsuit that not only can impact your current assets, but your future earnings as well. Unfortunately, everyone is a target for a lawsuit. The simple fact is that in today’s lawsuit-happy culture, the unfortunate scenario of being sued for damages that exhaust your other policy limits is a real possibility. Contact us today about a personal umbrella policy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Umbrella Insurance

Who needs a personal umbrella insurance policy?

Anyone who wants additional liability coverage for their home, auto, boat or rental insurance property should get an umbrella insurance policy. Umbrella insurance gives you above and beyond insurance protection.

What are the limits available for umbrella insurance?

Typically umbrella insurance policies are available in $1 million – $3 million. While uncommon, higher coverages can be found.

In what situation would an umbrella policy come in handy?

There are countless situations where umbrella insurance would come in handy. Here is one example:

You get into a car accident where you are at fault. Your insurance policy covers you for $500,000 in 3rd party damages. However, the other individuals in the car accident needed medical attention and future treatment for rehabilitation. On top of that, their car was totaled. The total damages for the other party are more than $650,000.

You are responsible for the remaining $150,000 that your $500,000 insurance policy did not cover. If you have an umbrella insurance policy, it would then kick in to cover this excess liability. If you do not have an umbrella policy, would you be able to foot the bill? If you cannot pay for the remaining balance, a court may issue your future wages to be garnished.