Home Insurance Protection in Odessa & Midland, TXHalloween can be great fun for everyone, especially the anticipation of what new funny, scary or unique face will show up at the front door. Fortunately, for most homeowners, the scary unknowns are covered by their homeowner’s insurance policies. Vandalism and so-called ‘tricks’ at Halloween can damage your home, so it’s comforting to know that standard policies cover vandalism, such as dents in your siding caused by eggs thrown at your home, when repair costs exceed your deductible.

All too often candles or decorations cause a fire. A fire started by a Halloween candle or a string of holiday lights is covered. If the fire makes your home unlivable, your homeowners policy will pay your living expenses while you wait for repairs. If a trick-or-treater gets hurt on your property they are covered by the homeowner liability portion of your policy. The same applies to guests attending our Halloween party. The injured person files a claim with your insurer.

Should you crash your car into a telephone pole to avoid hitting a trick-or-treater in your driveway that accident would be covered by the collision portion of your auto insurance (if you have it). If you hurt anyone, the liability portion of your auto insurance would cover the cost of their treatment. If things like this were to occur, your umbrella insurance (if you have it) would kick in to cover costs.

To make your property safe for Halloween, the Insurance Information Institute has these recommendations:

• Pick up anything in your front yard, sidewalk, stoop, or porch that a person could trip over.
• Turn on your outdoor lighting so kids can see where they’re going.
• Use battery-powered lights in your jack-o-lanterns.
• Don’t put matches, lighters, or candles in places children can reach.
• Pets, candles, and trick-or-treaters don’t mix. Keep pets away from the front door on Halloween.
• Look for safety certifications, such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories), on your decorative lights.

A fun and memorable time can be enjoyed by all with a little forethought and responsible behavior. After all, Halloween comes around every year so you can get better prepared for positive outcomes each time. Anything less could create very scary circumstances.