Commercial Auto Insurance Odessa & Midland, TXWhether you’re just getting started with your business and have only one delivery van or you have a fleet of vehicles, you need the right commercial auto insurance that meets your specific needs.

There are many things to consider when purchasing business auto insurance, not only the number of vehicles you use for your company, but what kinds of vehicles they are. Also include the age and condition of the vehicles, as well as how you use them when making a decision on your company’s auto insurance.

  • Commercial trucks will cost more to insure than passenger vehicles, but there is a cost difference in the kind of trucks you use.
  • Lighter-weight trucks like pick-ups, parcel or panel vans cost less than larger ones.
  • Medium sized trucks such as box or stake bed trucks or larger refrigerated vehicles cost more.
  • Heavy duty trucks that usually include grain or farm trucks and beverage trucks cost the most.
  • Insuring a trailer with commercial truck insurance depends on the size and weight of the trailer.

Vehicles such as a plumber’s truck cost the least to insure, while vehicles used for dry cleaning delivery, for instance, can cost more. Business to business delivery trucks cost the most to insure.

Save money with technology

GPS tracking and onboard camera technology are now more affordable and add to the efficiency of your business vehicles. Of course vehicle alarms and warning devices or rear facing cameras add additional benefits to your fleet.

Play it safe

High grade fences and sufficient lighting and locks are ways to keep your commercial vehicles safer. Employees who take a vehicle home should be oriented on best practices for keeping the vehicle safe at all times, e.g. where to park, keeping it locked, parking in a well-lit area.

Managing your auto fleet can be easy if you work with an independent insurance agent who knows where to go for the best in class prices for commercial auto insurance. Small or large or somewhere in-between, protect your business by protecting your auto fleet with the best possible business auto insurance available.