Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

When it comes to insuring your business, a critical part of your business insurance package will be business auto insurance, also referred to as commercial auto insurance.

Commercial Auto Insurance Options in Texas

Commercial auto insurance can include physical damage for your vehicle and liability insurance to protect your business from damages and injuries you or a listed driver on your policy may cause.

Physical damage can include both comprehensive and collision coverages for your cars, trucks, vans or SUVs that are used for business purposes. Physical damage coverage is an optional coverage while liability insurance is required by law.

It may seem like commercial auto insurance should be limited to semi trucks, dump trucks and heavy-duty pickups, but even vehicles use for business errands, delivery or transporting your customers may need a commercial auto policy. Our licensed commercial auto insurance agents can help you decide if a commercial auto policy is necessary.

Commercial Auto Coverage for Trailers: Does your business pull a trailer? Our agency can insure a huge variety of trailers that include everything from a simple landscape trailer, to auto transports and even large semi-tractor trailers.

Regardless of what you’re looking to insure, trust that our licensed agent will find you the right coverage at the right price for your situation. Call today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Auto Insurance

What types of vehicles require commercial auto insurance?

Commercial auto insurance can be obtained on any type of car from a normal private passenger sedan to a full-size one-ton pickup truck or an 18-wheeler. Commercial auto insurance is sometimes determined by vehicle type and other times by usage.

How much commercial auto insurance coverage do I need?

How much commercial auto insurance you need simply depends on your situation. Talk to a licensed agent to determine the level of coverage and options you need for your commercial auto.

Can my commercial auto policy cover personal usage?

It is impossible to answer this question without more information. It depends on if the vehicle used is a company owned vehicle, a personal vehicle being used for commercial purposes, or who is driving the vehicle. It is possible you may need another endorsement referred to as a non-owned vehicle endorsement.