Home and Auto Insurance Odessa, TXWhen you’re away traveling during the holidays visiting family and friends, are you confident your home and auto insurance are up to date and cover everything you need it to?

Being away from home can be worrisome if you don’t lay some groundwork first. Here are some valuable tips to put your mind at ease while you’re gone.

Lock it up — Using secure locks on all doors and windows is a great first step. Any windows or locks that are broken should be repaired.

Good neighbor policy — If you’re fortunate enough to have one good neighbor you trust, leave your travel schedule with them. Leave a key with them so they can check on the house and leave a telephone number to reach you in case of an emergency.

Don’t publish your plans – Avoid sharing your travel plans with all your ‘friends’ on social media. That can unfortunately be a weak link and an invitation to burglars.

Occupied house – Either have the post office hold your mail or ask a neighbor to pick it up each day. And no need to have the newspaper delivery while you’re gone. If it appears someone is at home you are safer from being burglarized. Timer switches on lights are a good idea so the house is lit up during the evening hours.

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