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Golf Cart Insurance Policy Odessa, TX

Perfect golfing weather may cause you to temporarily forget about your golf cart insurance. But before you grab the irons and head for the links, check to make sure your golf cart is fully covered.  Depending on how you use your golf cart and what type it is will be the deciding factors for the […]

Insurance for hail damage in Texas

It’s that unsettling time of year when Mother Nature can wreak havoc on your property without much notice. Among the culprits is hail damage. Repairs due to hail damage can often cost thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the hail, the impact angle and force, and the duration of the storm. The fact […]

RV Insurance Odessa Midland TX

One way to be sure your RV is adequately insured is to request an easy, fast online quote.  RV insurance is different from other insurance, so it’s best to understand the details before you hit the road for summer trips and campouts. For instance, do you know what a Total Loss Replacement (TLR) is? It means that if […]

Spring Cleaning Your Insurance Policy in Texas

Are you busy with closet cleanouts and dusting remote corners of your house?  Spring has a way of motivating us to get busy and start afresh. And as you’re tackling your spring cleaning list, don’t forget to add checking on your insurance policies to the task. After all, they may need a bit of dusting […]

Workers Compensation Insurance Odessa, TX

Independent contractors are not eligible for workers’ compensation coverage; employers are not required by state law to purchase coverage for independent contractors. Whether or not a worker is an employee is not controlled by what name the employer uses for the worker, but by the circumstances surrounding the employee’s work. Independent contractors provide a service, usually with a […]