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Rideshare Insurance Odessa and Midland, Texas

Since companies like Uber and Lyft have grown in popularity, auto insurance companies have expanded their efforts to meet the demand from drivers for full coverage. Typically, these policies cover personal use and add coverage for at least part of the time that frivers are signed in to a ridesharing app. Texas Rideshare Insurance – Texas […]

Business Insurance Options Odessa and Midland, Texas

Business insurance can be a complicated purchase. You’re not buying groceries. You’re buying a promise of protection that could potentially make or break your financial well-being. How do you know that you’re making the right choices about coverage? Are you sure you’re getting the best possible value for your dollar? The options can seem overwhelming. […]

Teen Driver Insurance Policy Odessa, Texas

There are dozens of reasons to buy your insurance from an independent agent, first and foremost being the fact they will take the time to actually look for the very lowest rates possible. While that may sound counter-intuitive, the reason they can do that is because they have many different options from which to choose. […]

Spring Cleaning Your Insurance Policy in Texas

Hints of springtime are in the air and it’s time to think about your home maintenance and repairs that are needed. Get a jump on more than just clean-up from winter’s havoc and make your home maintenance checklist. Here are some helpful tips in case you haven’t thought about some of the areas of your […]

Insurance for Entrepreneurs in Texas

One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is the independence you enjoy being your own boss.  But with that comes the responsibility and know-how of deciding things like what kind of insurance you need. Even if you’re adept at creating business plans and executing them, the fact is you will need to know […]