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Winter Driving Tips

With storm season looming you know that means any kind of weather is possible, especially in Texas. It could be torrential rain, fog, icy roads, tornado, hail, and yes, even snow. The question is: “How prepared are you if you get stuck in your car due to bad weather?” If you’re caught in a tornado in a […]

Do Babysitters Need Liability Insurance in Texas?

Very often, babysitting is a young person’s first job, usually starting with siblings, cousins or close friends. Usually 11 to12 years of age is considered the youngest recommended age, depending on the babysitter’s level of maturity and responsibility. And there are a number of things that you need when you babysit – the safety checklist, […]

Umbrella Insurance Policy Odessa & Midland, Texas

What is Umbrella Insurance, and how can it benefit you? Here is information that should clear up any questions you may have. Umbrella insurance is a liability insurance supplement to your basic liability policies that would include your auto, home or renter’s insurance. An umbrella liability policy is extra protection that covers a much higher limit […]

Home Insurance Protection in Odessa & Midland, TX

Halloween can be great fun for everyone, especially the anticipation of what new funny, scary or unique face will show up at the front door. Fortunately, for most homeowners, the scary unknowns are covered by their homeowner’s insurance policies. Vandalism and so-called ‘tricks’ at Halloween can damage your home, so it’s comforting to know that […]

Car Insurance Odessa & Midland, TX

With so many options available for car insurance, what’s the secret to getting the best possible Texas car insurance rates? The answer could be in the questions you ask. What kind of car do you have? Depending on the year, make and model of your car, your comprehensive and collision coverage will be higher or […]