Fall Tips For Your Texas Home Ah, yes, the air is getting a bit cooler and the autumn leaves are starting fall – right into your gutters. Ugh. A chore nobody relishes but one that at the top of any responsible homeowner’s ‘to do’ list.

Water damage is the last thing you want in your home. That’s why taking the time to clean your gutters and free them from the build-up of leaves and debris is so important. If you don’t, the water from rain and snow will end up in your walls causing expensive water damage.

Did you know that lint that accumulates in your clothes dryer can be the cause of a house fire? It’s a good idea to periodically unplug your clothes dryer and vacuum around the vent and hose. And don’t forget the outside vent, as lint builds up there, too.

Got a fireplace?  Make sure your fireplace flue is clear of debris and bird nests. Before the weather gets cold, take time to gather firewood and stockpile it. When it’s 20 degrees outside, you’ll be glad you got a jump on it.

If your green thumb is getting itchy, plant some gorgeous fall flowers like mums or bulbs like tulips, daffodils or allium. Mums will enhance your garden for the holiday season and bulb flowers will surprise you in the spring.

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