Business Insurance Options Odessa and Midland, TexasBusiness insurance can be a complicated purchase. You’re not buying groceries. You’re buying a promise of protection that could potentially make or break your financial well-being. How do you know that you’re making the right choices about coverage? Are you sure you’re getting the best possible value for your dollar? The options can seem overwhelming.

As independent insurance agents for almost 40 years, we know how the advice and guidance of an agent can benefit our policyholders. Here are some sound reasons why we believe an independent point of view will steer you in the right direction for your business insurance.

You Have Options – Independent agents represent many different insurance companies that offer a wide variety of coverage options and price points. Your independent agent will do the shopping and you do the saving. You’ll get the right blend of price, coverage, and service.

Licensed Experts – Independents can explain the complexities of insurance in simple terms, helping you make smart decisions. They make a career out of assessing their customers’ insurance needs and matching them with the insurance carrier best equipped to meet those needs at a price the customer can afford.

Personal Advisers – Agents not only find you competitive pricing, they make sure you are adequately covered. Working with you face-to-face, your agent becomes your personal adviser, taking the time to listen to you and understand the needs for your particular kind of business.

Accessible and Nearby — Independent agents are your neighbors. They share your interest in the community where you live, and understand the benefits and challenges of living in your locale. They are often highly involved in the community.

All in One – Independent agents can usually meet all of your business insurance needs with the companies they represent. No need to go to a different company for each business product.

Lifetime Consultants – Independent agents review your coverage and know how to take you through all the changes your business will undergo.

Doing business with an independent insurance agent is a smart business decision that will provide benefits to you and your business for years to come.

Teen Driver Insurance Policy Odessa, TexasThere are dozens of reasons to buy your insurance from an independent agent, first and foremost being the fact they will take the time to actually look for the very lowest rates possible.

While that may sound counter-intuitive, the reason they can do that is because they have many different options from which to choose. An independent agent is not tied to one brand. You, the customer is his first priority, so finding the best rates for you is the goal.

That’s especially helpful when it comes to auto insurance for your teen driver(s). Following are some important things to know about auto insurance coverage for your teen.

Driver Gender: Insurance premiums are based on statistics and actuarial data. When it comes to teen drivers, the news for young male drivers is not so good. Statistics show that the death rate for drivers and passengers ages 16 to 19 are almost twice as high for males as they are for females.

Vehicle Type: Naturally your insurance costs will be more if your teen is driving a speedy roadster rather than an economical hatchback or sedan. It’s a good idea to check out the cost of the insurance for the vehicle before you buy it.

More Driving: Your teen moves from being an occasional driver to a primary driver, behind the wheel a good deal more than previously.

Where You Live: The state in which you live will impact your insurance costs, but the good news is that most states let you account for the previous three items when pricing out insurance cost.

Possible Discounts

  • Many insurance companies allow discounts for students who have good grades. Sometimes this can provide as much as a 20 percent discount.
  • Some insurance companies offer a discount if safe driving habits are held in check, verified by an electronic monitoring device that plugs into your car’s diagnotic port.
  • If your teen is away at school more than 100 miles away and without a car, be sure to let your insurance agent know, as there can be a credit for this while still providing coverage when they are at home.

With all the things you have to think about as your teen prepares to become a primary driver, it’s nice to know you have a friend and an advocate in your local independent insurance agent. We’re here to help.