Odessa Insurance Agent There’s no way for us to know what challenges may be ahead, which makes being prepared all the more important. Insurance is one of those critical things we all need, but making the decision about which insurance company to do business with can be confusing.  While some people don’t really think too much about who they do business with for insurance, they may be paying more for what they’re getting and realizing less value.

The fact is that an independent insurance agent is not bound to any one insurance carrier. They often represent five or ten different carriers which enable them to research which one can offer their customer the most value for the best price.

Protecting our assets is a prime objective and the main reason most of us have insurance in the first place. Consider some of the real advantages an independent agent can offer before you sign on the dotted line with just anyone.

  • An independent insurance agency is comprised of licensed professional with polished customer service skills and strong community relationships.
  • Because an independent insurance agent has access to multiple insurance carriers, they are able to shop for you, looking for value and good costs.
  • If your insurance needs change, an independent can easily transition you to what’s needed.
  • They are accessible professionals who understand questions about claims.
  • Your independent agent will ask relevant questions to be sure you have the right coverage.
  • Buying all of your insurance from an independent agent (known as bundling) can not only save you money, but also has the advantage of convenience when you need to make changes.
  • Your independent insurance agent takes time to get to know you and your family. You are much more than just a policy number.

Most successful independent insurance agents have a strong presence in their local communities and often have a legacy of 20, 30 or more years in the insurance business.

And the chances are extremely good that their name and reputation are well-known and respected within the community.

With so many advantages, why would you randomly select an online insurance carrier or just pick one from the phone book? An independent insurance agent is overall your very best option for quality insurance products. Contact us for an insurance quote or policy review!