Classic Car Insurance for Texas

Your vintage classic isn't just any car - and you can't insure it the same way. Whether it's for contests or just for a collection, a vintage or classic automobile is unique and requires specialized insurance protection. To qualify for classic car insurance, a vehicle must be:

  • stored in a locked garage when not in use
  • intended for display or recreational purposes (cannot be used for standard commuting)
  • well maintained, restored or under restoration with a target completion date

What's covered by Classic Car Insurance?

Unlike standard auto insurance, Classic Car insurance can protect the true value of the car - including parts failures, theft, or environmental damage - without the cost of protecting it from the costs of vehicles used for commutes. You're also able to negotiate the car's value in your policy - unlike a personal use or commuting vehicle.

Classic Car Insurance Agency in Midland & Odessa Texas

Killebrew Insurance will work with you to determine a mutually agreed value for the vehicle and provide the most appropriate amount of vintage auto insurance protection. Got a classic auto that needs to be insured, or want to explore alternative rates? Give our vintage car experts a call.

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