Your Super Bowl Party and Liability Insurance

Monday, January 29, 2018

With all of the excitement about the approaching Super Bowl 51, it may seem like an odd time to think about reviewing your insurance coverage. But the fact is, if you’re planning a get-together for the big day, your insurance coverage is a smart thing to look over.

Super Bowl parties are an annual event for many people, but taking time to consider some of the risks is not usually a big item on the planning list. Here are some tips that will help you have a fun, safe, problem-free Super Bowl party, no matter which team wins.

Clear the walkways of snow, ice or debris

Slips and falls head the list for the most accidents, both at home and work. Not only on the outside, but think inside the house. You might want to rearrange your furniture to avoid any cords, throw rugs or such that might invite a fall. Also consider relocating any of your collectibles from the room where your guests will be watching the game.

Make a protected place for food and beverage

The last thing you want is to have red wine splatter on your antique oil painting or imported rug. Valuable fine art and memorabilia are usually not covered under a typical homeowner’s policy. Avoid out-of-pocket loss by planning ahead.

Host liability

When people come into your home, drink alcohol, and cause damages, you, as the host, are responsible. Because alcohol can impair judgment, people are often not aware that they have had their limit.

If they back their car into another vehicle when leaving your party, that liability is theirs, not yours. However, this law varies from state to state, so be aware of the liability laws in your state. Any property damage is usually the host’s responsibility.

The same applies if a guest gets too ‘friendly’ after a few drinks. Sexual harassment can become the issue even though the bad behavior is not the fault of the host.

These are a few smart tips to be aware of, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a great Super Bowl 51 party. Understanding your role as the host lets you plan in advance, speak with your independent insurance agent, and enjoy the party just as much as your guests.


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