Why Educators Need Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

Thursday, November 15, 2018

It can be confusing about whether teachers need professional liability insurance to teach or work in a school. Many believe that because their district, union, or professional organizations covers their liability insurance, they are well protected.  However, that’s not necessarily the case.

Depending on the school district in which you work, you may not be protected individually as a teacher or school employee.

Following are some valid reasons why you may want to take out a professional liability insurance policy:

Technology Effects

With social media and cell phones being prevalent in and out of classrooms, teachers are concerned about how their actions are perceived by students. Any kind of lawsuit that results is difficult to overcome and can affect a teacher’s career.

The Unexpected

Accidents happen and if a well-meaning teacher inadvertently knocks a student’s laptop to the ground and property damage occurs, guess what? A professional liability policy would help cover the cost. If a field day with students playing softball results in a student’s injury, the teacher could be liable. Another reason to have the right insurance.

Fibs and Falsehoods

It’s fairly, normal for kids to get into altercations at school. But if a teacher is accused of not properly supervising the students, things can escalate. Accusations of wrongdoing by the teacher or inappropriate behavior can be a major problem. Some teachers say keeping their door open while meeting with students individually helps quell this situation to some extent.  In either incident, professional liability insurance could be helpful.

Rely on Yourself

If teachers face a litigious charge, they cannot always count on peers and supervisors to stand by them. That’s even more reason to have a professional liability insurance policy that protects a teacher in these instances.

Teachers as Civil Lawsuit Targets

While most schools usually run smoothly without severe problems, there are thousands of fraudulent lawsuits filed each year against teachers with no basis in fact. The past few decades have seen a rise in litigation against educators.

Teachers have enough on their plate to do a good job teaching without the worry of lawsuits. Professional liability coverage is a support that gives teachers the comfort of having more control in their classrooms and their professions.

Ask your local independent insurance agent about professional liability insurance and get the best rates possible.


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