Who Needs Commercial Contents Insurance?

Thursday, August 3, 2017

You do if you lease your business location or operate your business from your home. You may think that your property owner’s insurance or your homeowner’s insurance is enough to cover everything, but it may not be.

Any damage or loss to your business equipment or materials must be covered by Commercial Contents Insurance to ensure that you are adequately protected from damages due to fire, storm damage or theft. This kind of policy can also cover loss of income or increase in expenses that results from the property. 

If you’re an IT professional or rely heavily on your digital equipment in your business, you definitely want to have Commercial Contents Insurance. Of course, you want to protect your computers, laptops, printers, mobile devices and such, but your technology is not the only thing at risk. Your office furniture, equipment and supplies need to all be covered.

Because many IT professionals work from home, they question the necessity of having Commercial Contents Insurance since they already have homeowner’s insurance

Consider a couple of things before relying on that idea.

·         Your homeowner’s insurance policy usually does not cover property owned by your business. So, if your work laptop gets stolen from your home, homeowner’s might not cover it.

·         You may be able to add to your General Liability coverage, so ask your independent insurance agent before you make a decision. 

Rather than wait for a sprinkler to spring a leak or the weather to surprise you with a crippling hail storm that wreaks havoc on electronics, contact your independent insurance agent today. You can rely on an independent to find you the best possible rates for everything insurance.

And don’t assume that Commercial Contents Insurance is too expensive for your budget. Depending on your type of business and your insurance needs, your independent insurance agent can work with you for the coverage that you need to protect both your home and your business.


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