Is Boat Insurance Required in Texas?

Friday, August 3, 2018

Whether you’re a fisherman, a recreational boat owner and user, or the owner of a small watercraft, each vehicle must have its own insurance policy according to Texas insurance laws.  Even if your boat or water vessel doesn’t sit on the water all year, you must keep your insurance current. Being a responsible boat owner makes the pleasure of boating all the better.

And because it’s the law, and you don’t have an option for having boat insurance in Texas, we make it easy by assuring the same independent insurance agent who writes your auto and home policies can issue your boat insurance. They will advise you on the type of policy you need for each vehicle.

Consider the value that you have in your watercraft and what you would do if it were damaged or involved in an accident; possible before you have even finished paying for it. Boat insurance in Texas will pay for your watercraft and you won’t be at a major loss for out of pocket expense.

The age and condition of your boat or watercraft will determine the kind of coverage you need. Older vehicles need a collision policy which costs very little. This pays for damage to the boat, but little else.

The smartest coverage is a comprehensive policy that covers loss of personal property, personal injury, and replacement of the vehicle.

When you’re traveling with your boat on a trailer make sure your boat insurance policy is current. Accidents can happen on the way to the water and if your stopped by police, you can be cited for not having current coverage.

If you keep your boat outside your home when not in use, you still need current boat insurance. If a storm or tornado were to occur and cause damage, your insurance policy will help pay for damages.

Knowing you have boat insurance in Texas and that your watercraft can be replaced at any time offers more peace of mind and much greater enjoyment when you’re out on the water.


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