Insurance for the Newlyweds: What to Keep. What to Change.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Along with the excitement of your wedding day comes the reality of making even more decisions about what to keep, what to throw away, what to buy new and agreeing that all the above will be okay with your new mate.

Let’s start with your car insurance. Is it best to combine your policies into one? Probably. By getting quotes from both your insurance agents you can decide where the best rate is. You could even get a quote from an insurer neither of you have used. Who knows, it could be the best rate.

When it comes time to cancel, be sure the new insurance is effective the same day the old insurance expires. Also check for possible discounts, such as multicar or bundling if you’re buying other kinds of insurance with the same agency.

Newlyweds often get better rates when buying insurance since they are seen as less of a risk. But even still, ask about discounts because they may have offerings you don’t know about unless you ask.

Whether you are moving into a home or an apartment after you’re married, remember to cancel the coverage you will no longer need. Consider all the coverage options, deductibles and monthly cost before making your final decision. Since you and your spouse will be combining your belongings, you might want to consider increasing your coverage limits. For items of high value such as antiques, electronics and of course your wedding rings – you might want to consider special coverage. Ask your independent agent what they recommend.

Buying your auto and  homeowner’s or renter’s insurance with the same insurance agent could save you money. It’s known as bundling and it can mean saving money you could use for all those many things you’ll need after your married.

Remember the advantages of working with an independent insurance agent. They will do the shopping for you to guarantee the lowest insurance rates. That’s one less thing for you to think about and a wonderful way to start your new life together.


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