What are the Benefits of Bundling Your Insurance?

Thursday, July 6, 2017

You’re probably familiar with the term “less is more”, but are you familiar with the term “more is less”?

When you bundle your insurance, that’s what you get – more for less. You get more insurance coverage for less money because you’re rolling all of your policies into one and getting it all under one roof. So if you bundle your auto, RV, Jet Ski, antiques, boat, classic car, golf cart, and motorcycle insurance with your homeowners or your renters insurance you are going to save a ‘bundle’.

Convenience is another good reason people choose to bundle their insurance. It means you have only one renewal date for your insurance policy. That makes it easy to remember. You will also avoid the risk of coverage gaps. You might even save money on your deductible. Be sure to ask your independent insurance agent.

Depending on the state where you live, bundling savings can vary. The reason is because of geographic conditions, climate and such. In Texas, the savings for bundling can be as much as 18%.

Probably one of the main reasons people choose to bundle is because they have a trusted relationship with their independent insurance agent. If you know and trust your insurance agent, especially if they are an independent agent, you can be confident they will shop around to find the best possible rate for you.

You can feel good knowing that your personal assets are protected with the best possible insurance coverage. And, remember, when you bundle you’re as good as putting money in the bank.

Contact your independent insurance agent today about the benefits of bundling and start saving money.


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